Accepted Full Papers for ICTD’2017


  • Estimating Travel Time of Dhaka City from Mobile Phone Call Detail Records  By Md. Mahedi Hasan, Mohammed Eunus Ali (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)
  • Scaling up peer education with farmers in India   By
  •   By Kweku Opoku-Agyemang, Tapan S. Parikh (Cornell Tech)
  • Leveraging Facebook’s Free Basics Engine for Web Service Deployment in Developing Regions   By Siddharth Singh, Vedant Nanda (IIIT Delhi); Rijurekha Sen (MPI-SWS); Satadal Sengupta (IIT Kharagpur); Ponnurangam Kumaraguru (IIIT Delhi); Krishna P. Gummadi (MPI SWS)
  • An Investigation of Phone Upgrades in Remote Community Cellular Networks  By Kushal Shah (University of Washington); Philip Martinez (University of the Philippines); Josh Blumenstock (University of California, Berkeley); Jo Dionisio (University of the Philippines); Kurtis Heimerl (University of Washington)
  • Quantification and Prediction Models for the Impact of POIs on Road Traffic Congestion in Developing Countries  By Ashraful Hakim, Tanzima Hashem, Mohammad Eunus Ali
  • An Exploration of Smartphone based Mobile Money Applications in Pakistan   By Samia Ibtasam (University of Washington, Seattle); Hamid Mehmood, Lubna Razaq (Information Technology University – Punjab); Sarah Yu, Richard Anderson (University of Washington, Seattle)
  • GraaspBox: Enabling Mobile Knowledge Delivery into Underconnected Environments   By Andrii Vozniuk, Adrian Holzer (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)); Jorge Mazuze (Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)); Denis Gillet (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL))
  • Maternal Complications: Nuances in Mobile Interventions for Maternal Health in Urban Pakistan
      By Amna Batool (Information Technology University); Samia Razaq Khan (University of Washington); Maham Javiad, Beenish Fatimah (Information Technology University); Kentaro Toyama (University of Michigan)
  • Findings from a Civil Society Mediated and Technology Assisted Grievance Redressal Model in Rural India   By Dipanjan Chakraborty (IIT Delhi); Mohd Sultan Ahmad (Gram Vaani); Aaditeshwar Seth (IIT Delhi)
  • Understanding the Impact of Urban Infrastructure: New Insights from Population-Scale Data   By Joshua Blumenstock (U.C. Berkeley); Danaja Maldeniya (University of Michigan); Sriganesh Lokanathan (LIRNEasia)
  • Can Human Development be Measured with Satellite Imagery?   By Andrew Head, Melanie Manguin, Nhat Tran, Joshua Blumenstock (UC Berkeley)
  • xCache: Rethinking Edge Caching for Developing Regions   By Ali Raza, Yasir Zaki, Thomas Pötsch, Jay Chen (New York University Abu Dhabi); Lakshmi Subramanian (New York University)
  • Everyday Practices in the Capabilities Framework   By Bidisha Chaudhuri (IIIT Bangalore); Linus Kendall (Sheffield Hallam University); Onkar Hoysala, Janaki Srinivasan (IIIT Bangalore); Purnabha Dasgupta (DRCSC)
  • Mobilizing Assets: Data-Driven Community Development with Refugees
      By Ying Xu, Carleen Maitland (Penn State)
  • Community Building with Co-located Social Media: A Field Experiment with Syrian Refugees   By Ying Xu (Penn State); Adrian Holzer (EPFL); Carleen Maitland (Penn State); Gillet Denise (EPFL)
  • Shaping Native American Cultural Identity through Imagery: An Activity Theory Approach to ImagePower   By Richard Caneba, Carleen Maitland (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Changing data practices for community health workers: Introducing digital data collection in West Bengal, India   By Joyojeet Pal, Anjuli Dasika, Ahmad Hasan, Jackie Wolf, Nick Reid, Vaishnav Kameswaran, Purva Yardi, Allyson Mackay, Abram Wagner, Bhramar Mukherjee, Sucheta Joshi (University of Michigan); Sujay Santra (iKure); Priyamvada Pandey (Independent researcher)
  • The Technological Self in India: From Tech-savvy Farmers to a Selfie-tweeting Prime Minister   By Joyojeet Pal (University of Michigan)