Call for Submissions for Open Sessions

9th International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD) 2017
Information Technology University, Lahore.

ICTD as a field aims for inclusivity. ICTD2017 as a conference aims to include perspectives and ideas from practitioners, policy makers, and end users, as much as researchers. The Open Session option provides this opportunity — to ensure projects, experiences and viewpoints that will benefit the ICTD community are represented, especially where they do not fit the full papers
or notes formats.

Sessions can vary widely in subject and style. They often include multiple presenters convening around important, cross-cutting themes. They may take the form of panels, workshops, “ignite” talks, debates, participatory formats or other types of communication and exchange. However, sessions that primarily consist of paper presentations are discouraged. Successful proposals will work towards inclusiveness, relevance and excellence and examples from previous conferences can be found here: ICTD 2016, ICTD 2013, and ICTD 2012. Session organizers may extend invitations to particular participants to attend or present based on emerging themes in ICTD; likewise, participation is open to any conference attendee who wishes to join in on the day of the session (up to room capacity).


To propose an open session, please fill out the proposal form providing a 75-word summary and an additional 2-page explanation with more detail about your goals for the session and how they will be achieved. The proposal form is available on the conference website:

Please send the completed proposal to by the deadline, July 21, 2017 (11:59pm UTC).

Proposal Guidelines:

An open session may run for a whole day, half day, or 90 minutes.

The language of the submitted proposals and their reviews will be in English, the official conference language. In some cases, a session may merit being conducted in a language other than English. If so, please note the proposed language and indicate why it is important to the session topic.

Proposals for sessions will be reviewed and judged on the following criteria:

  • Accessible to a highly interdisciplinary ICT and development audience.
  • Lively, inclusive, and participatory in style and content.
  • Relevant to the themes of the conference.
  • Demonstrating careful planning and a clear agenda.

Important Dates:

Jul 21, 2017: Deadline for submission of Open Sessions

Aug 15, 2017: Notification of Open Sessions

General Conference Chair:

Open Session Committee Chairs:

Conference Information: